søndag den 30. september 2012

Desi Quilters

Desi Quilters is a group of wonderful ladies in all ages that have one love in common - quilting and all what goes wit it. Think fabric shopping, discussing quilts, showing their work of to inspire others etc.
The group have a blog that can be found here
The members is primarily Indians that live in India or abroad or people like me that currently live in India and have been allowed to join the fun :-)

It is great for someone like me that are still a bit new to quilting to have this group of ladies where I can ask questions, get inspired and just talk to others that share my nerdy hobby of quilting and can spend hours just like me talking about fabric and shopping fabric...

The group also have a Facebook page where we share pictures, tutorials and all the other stuff. I use to a lot to get advise about where to go shopping. Because coming from a place where there is quilting stores and hobby supply stores that sell everything I need. I at times get confused about where to look for things like zippers or sewing thread.

If you are into quilting I would suggest you to hop over to the desi quilters page, we have some lovely tutorials that can inspire you.


torsdag den 27. september 2012

The beginning also called introduction

I wanted to start a blog where I can share everyday things with friends and family that live far away. as the title says Amalie's food and quilting this blog will mainly focus on my two hobbies cooking and quilting.
I love cooking and I am trying to learn to quilt, I am not that experienced yet but I find quilting very fun.

This blog will also be about how to find supplies in a foreign country where I do not speak the language that are used on the street. The frustrations, the victories when I finally find what I need and all of the fun experiences that come with going shopping in a country where I do not always know what to ask for.

The first thing that was very strange to me when moving to India was that no kitchen had an oven, then I got thinking that of course it would not have an oven since more or less no Indian food is made in an oven.
So I finally got around to buying this beauty.
I do not use it every day but I do make bread and have baked a few cakes in it. But ost of all it helps me to get that feeling of home, when I have an oven.
In Denmark every single household in the country have an oven and most of my friends have looked at my strangely when I told them that there is no ovens in Indian kitchens. I would call myself an aspiring cook because I know I have A LOT  to learn.

As for my other hobby I would call myself a wannabee quilter because I have even more to learn in the world of sewing and quilting then in the world of cooking.
For now I do all of my quilts and quilted items by hand, but I am hoping to get around to buying myself a sewing machine in the near future.
Here is my first quilt, a gift for a friends baby.

/ Amalie